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Titus Weston - General Manager

Titus Weston - General Manager View

806-687-2362 -

Titus has been with Adobe since July 2011. Titus is dedicated to providing great customer service along with a wide selection of vehicles to choose from and the best financing options available.
Eddie Moreno - Solution Specalist

Eddie Moreno - Solution Specalist View

806-252-3453 -

Eddie started with Adobe January of 2015. Known to most as "Dog" Eddie enjoyed a career in Radio and music before joining Adobe.
Eduardo Irizarry - Solution Specialist

Eduardo Irizarry - Solution Specialist  View


Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we get. We obtained Mr. Irizarry November of 2017 and his veteran experience has brought even more knowledge to our already strong team!! Come visit with Eduardo if your in the market for your next vehicle. Se Habla Espanol
Lucia Martinez - Accounting Clerk

Lucia Martinez - Accounting Clerk View
Ramona Franco - Collection Manager

Ramona Franco - Collection Manager  View

806-687-2362 -

Ramona is in charge of our amazing collection staff H.E.A.T. Ramona is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while answering all your questions and making sure you understand every aspect of your new vehicle and its contract and repayment.
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